IoThink Solutions and Alliot are now able to create and tell great IoT stories in the UK!

IoThink Solutions is proud to announce the first distribution agreement in the UK with Alliot Technologies.

Who’s Alliot


Established in 2018, Alliot Technologies is Europe’s leading IoT distributor.  Specialising in LoRaWAN technologies, Alliot’s mission is to make IoT accessible for all by providing access to the very best in class IoT hardware, software and services throughout the UK and Europe. 

Alliot provides all the required components to develop IoT solutions. From Proof of Concept to commercial solutions, Alliot have an expert team ready to support the development of your solutions.

Based in West Yorkshire, UK the Alliot team works tirelessly to continuously develop their portfolio to meet the ever-evolving demands from its customers. Through their strong connections in the IoT industry, Alliot has successfully secured exclusive distribution agreements with many of the world’s leading manufacturers, most recently including IoThink!

Why did we decide to move forward with Alliot?

In a fragmented market like IoT can be, end customers are looking for end-to-end solutions and integrators are looking for tool blocks to build vertical offers. Alliot has this great quality and capability to approach an IoT project with a global overview and a offering of hardware, software, services and support. We wanted our IoT platform Kheiron to be part of this eco-system.


When we have a sales lead in the UK, we are now comforted to introduce and to rely on a local partner like Alliot.

They are also very dynamic and their business developers have strong technical skills and great knowledge of the IoT / IIoT domains

How did it start?

The best way it could! With a real project and the complete eco-system involved!

Eolane, which makes the industrial IoT BOB, (distributed by Alliot in the UK) runs some of their devices in our IoT platform. It was through this partnership that led them to introduce us to an important account.

In this project, the gateway solution selected was by fellow Alliot partner, Kerlink, whom we have also developed an Endpoint  with.

This is how we closed the winning loop, with the distributor! With their ability to also provide maintenance and support, to each piece of the solution, Alliot helped us to bring everything together.

Between us, we are now able to tell great stories with making full customized use cases and bringing complete solutions.

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